hAZUNA first approached to the singing world at the age of 6, two years later she started with piano lessons and at the age of 14 she began with singing lessons continuing for 5 years.

She wrote her first song ad 17 and she never stopped writing new material from then: in 2013 she presented her first autoproduced tracks in London where she had the opportunity to work with professional musicians who taught her a lot about the music industry.

she has always been fascinated by soul/pop music until the mix with electronic music.

In 2014 she released an EP on her soundcloud channel which gave her the opportunity to work with some professional producers, but she felt that they couldn't understand her ideas enough.

She dedicated the next 2 years to the live shows in Rome and Milan, while she improved her producing skills until she met Karati, a professional producer who supported and helped her to improve in order to produce her own music all by herself.

A very big change for HAZUNA happened since late 2016: she worked hard to gain money and she created her own home studio where she started producing her first fully autproduced single "Black Rings" which was released in March 2017.

Black Rings reached more than one million views with its video catching the attention of local and international media (il gazzettino (it), la nuova venezia(it), brash! magazine(usa) )

The second single "Can't Hold Down" was released in November 2017 and can count more than 900.000 views at the moment, with a video starring two old gangsta ladies who conquered all Europe and media again. 










hazuna |  2017